Not just about treating your feet, Podiatry can enhance your day-to-day mobility and autonomy.

Tackle skeletal or joint concerns, muscular aches or circulation and neurological afflictions foot first.

PhysioXtra’s comprehensive services by myPod Podiatry is led by a team of experienced, skilled and intuitive professionals.

Our highly skilled MyPod podiatrists have years of experience in providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatments of lower limb conditions.

In the interest of continuous improvement the team constantly pursues training and education to stay up to date with the industry’s latest techniques and research.

You can get on board with MyPod Podiatry (nail and skincare), Sports Podiatry, Biomechanical and Footwear assessments, Paediatric Podiatry, Diabetes assessments and Orthotic therapy.

DVA and Medicare referrals accepted.

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