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Pilates is popular for a good reason. If you’re a sports superstar, Pilates is great for muscle and skeletal support. You may be a fitness fanatic looking for balance and flexibility. Perhaps you want a gentle exercise routine that improves posture and relieves stress and tension.


Practitioners say pilates can complement any training or physical need by increasing all over strength and flexibility, improving range of motion, and lowering injury risk. Time proven to improve movement, pain management, mental wellness and quality of life, Pilates covers it all.

Your ‘Xtra’ advantage comes from the specialised care of our highly skilled Physiotherapists in our Clinical Exercise program. The specific, targeted approach our staff use makes Pilates fun, safe and comfortable, regardless of age or ability.
Complementing Pilates with other evidence-based exercises, the classes use equipment such as reformers, trapeze tables and familiar gym equipment. You will need to undergo an assessment prior to starting so we can understand what is appropriate for your goals based on fitness level.

Technique and progress are monitored closely to keep you on track. We keep our class small so we can give you one on one care.

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